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Tug-E-Nuff Sheepskin Pocket Magnet

  • Ever wanted a secret weapon when out and about with your dog to guarantee they only have eyes for you? 


    Say hello to the Pocket Magnet: the ultimate on-the-spot high-value reward when you’re on walks, at training or out of the house. 


    Whether it’s cats, squirrels or other dogs, the Pocket Magnet can be carried in your pocket then revealed at the perfect moment to eradicate distractions.


    This powerful training aid will help you build a bulletproof recall and reliable focus, all while bonding and having fun with your pooch.


    Made with soft, enticing real sheepskin and a short-but-stretchy bungee handle, this pocket-sized tuggy is a game-changer for dogs big and small. 


    Try one now, thank us later.