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SmugMutts - Knot Twice

  • Smug Mutts Hemp rope toys are perfect for interactive play between canine and human. The soft texture, tough fibres and earthy smell of the natural hemp rope make it an exciting and durable material! So whether your four legged friend prefers a game of tug of war, throw and fetch, Smug Mutts Hemp rope toys are guaranteed to bring your dog hours of fun!


    Designed and made in the UK


    Why choose a SmugMutts toy?

    • 100% natural and plastic free.
    • Hemp rope sheds in short length fibres which are digestible in small amounts and less likely to cause harm when chewed and ingested, unlike cotton and other synthetic rope toys.
    • The tough hemp fibres can act as a natural tooth brush when chewed and help to massage dog's gums.
    • Naturally anti-microbial and resistant to mould.
    • Strong, durable and biodegradeable.



    - Your dog should always be supervised whilst using this product.
    - Make sure the toy is in good condition and not a choking hazard.
    - Always make sure the toy is the correct size for your dog.
    - Not suitable for strong chewers.