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Why choose natural grooming products for your dog?

Choosing the right grooming products for your dog is important – more important than you might think! And here’s why…

Most commercial dog grooming products such as shampoos and conditioners contain a high level of potentially toxic chemicals. These chemicals give an instant result when used, leaving your dog with a smooth and shiny coat and pleasant fragrance, but at what cost to your beloved dog's health?

Long-term side effects may also include health conditions such as allergies, cancer, or hormonal imbalances. One example is the use of parabens, commonly used as a chemical preservative. Parabens have been shown to disrupt the hormonal cycle by mimicking estrogen and potentially increasing cancer risk.


So, if these chemicals are harming our pets, what is the solution?

For example, instead of sulphates that strip the natural oils from the coat, we can use gentle cleansing agents derived from natural substances such as coconut oil.

We chose to stock our grooming products from The Dog and I because we love to support small business, but also because coconut oil makes THE BEST soap for dogs. Why? It gives the biggest bubbles, the deepest clean and nourishes their skin. Leaving it clean & shiny without stripping those all-important natural oils!

It’s as simple and natural as possible, it’s handmade in the UK and it smells delicious! Minimal environmental impact, maximum benefit – great!

Coconut oil has some fabulous properties. It is anti -inflammatory, antimicrobial, moisturizing and more. What's not to love!


A few FAQs:

Can I use it on horses? Absolutely! All varieties are fabulous for horses and are awesome for scrubbing manes and tails, bringing socks up bright and white and generally scrubbing those mud stains off.

How long does it last? As a guide 1 small 50g bar will bath 10 small/medium sized dogs – but then if you have 10 dogs, choose a bigger bar!

How do I use it? Apply to a very wet dog, rub directly on to the coat and use the bar itself to scrub. It will lather up quickly. Rinse well - and ta-da, you’re all done! We do recommend following on with the leave in conditioner, especially for longer coats. This is a best-seller for us, and it smells divine!

Which soap is best for my dogs coat type?

All the soaps have the same base recipe, so choose whichever scent you prefer but for very sensitive skins we recommend the unperfumed with oatmeal. There’s been a lot of positive feedback on improved sensitive, itchy and problem skins. If you live in an area that struggles with insects or ticks, choose the citronella soap for some natural insect repellent. This is also a great choice for horses!

Can I use it on cockapoos? Not unless they are kept short. Poodle crosses need more tlc and a conditioning product which sadly is not possible in soap bar. Hence why we stock the conditioning shampoo.


To finish on a fact….

Did you know… The pH of dog skin is a measure of how acidic or alkaline it is. The normal range of skin pH levels for dogs is 5.5 to 7.5, which is more alkaline than humans. However, the pH of dog skin can vary depending on the size and breed of the dog. Some dog shampoos can even be made to suit the specific dog!

So don’t just grab your human shampoo because it's within your reach, and don’t grab the first bottle in the pet shop without reading the label! It’s natural products designed specifically for your dog that offer the best, safest bath time experience.

Thanks for reading,

The N&B team x


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