Chica's Chips

  • Superfood dog treats with sweet potato, pure peanut butter & organic coconut - all wrapped up in compostable packaging.


    That’s it. Pure, premium treats. 100% human-grade. Naturally plant-based. Only 27 kcal per chip!


    No fillers. No grain. No additives. No preservatives. No xylitol. No palm oil. No plastic.


    Sweet potato is an excellent source of dietary fibre for healthy digestion. Packed with antioxidants and iron aiming immunity to disease.


    Peanut butter is loved by dogs! Better yet, they are loaded with protein to support muscle tissue and contain Vitamin E which may promote a healthy coat.


    Organic coconuts are filled with powerful anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties to support the immune system. Coconut oil is beneficial for your dogs skin and may help improve cognitive function.