Bounce and Bella - Grain Free Poultry Training Treats

  • If you’ve been looking for premium hypoallergenic dog treats that won't break the bank then your search is over! That’s because the only ingredients in our training treats are freshly prepared chicken, duck and turkey meat (80%) and potatoes & sweet potato (20%) which means a healthier happier doggy or puppy, guaranteed!


    Perfect for dogs with allergies and sensitive stomachs or simply picky eaters.


    Because these are small grain-free training treats (approx 800 in 500g bag) you don't need to worry about over-feeding big or small dogs with your rewards. This is great because you can treat and train your dogs or puppies for longer and just concentrate on training and enjoying yourselves.


    These treats are grain, wheat and gluten free. Dogs are incapable of fully digesting grains so grain-free treats help with digestion, give them a shinier coat, more energy, less weight-gain, less shedding, better breath, healthier skin and means fewer trips to the vet and a happier and healthier dog.



    • Treats are recommended for puppies over 16 weeks old (this is only because the treats are so wonderfully crunchy and a puppy that doesn't yet have its adult teeth may struggle to crunch through).
    • Feed anytime as a treat or a reward.
    • Make sure your dog has access to clean, fresh water.
    • Each individual treat is bone shaped and approximately 1.5cm long and 1cm wide at each end.
    • Store in a cool, dry place




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